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In the showroom Now.... Come in to our showroom in Stockton,
and explore the 3,000+ square feet of stoves and antiques!

Below is just a sampling of the stoves you'll see when you visit.

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From the 1930's, this Magic Chef is a beautiful stove featuring 2 ovens, a warming oven, 6 burners and a storage compartment. It measures 60" wide, 57" tall and 30" deep.

This is a Wedgewood from the 1950's, with 4 burners, griddle, oven, and broiler. It has a chrome top and storage compartment. It measures 36" wide, 47" tall, and 29" deep.

This stove dates back to the 1910's, and features 4 burners, oven, broiler and a storage drawer. It measures 41" wide, 49" tall and 27" deep.

This G.E. electric stove is from the early 1970's, and features 2 ovens and 2 broilers. It measures 40" wide 46" tall and 28" deep.

This is a Wedgewood from the 1950's. It has a double oven, griddle, and fold-down cover. It also features salt & pepper shakers, as well as a light!
Magic Chef

This apartment size Magic Chef is from the 1940's. It is only 20" wide, with 4 burners, an oven, and a broiler.

This Wedgewood is from the 1950's. It features 4 burners, oven, broiler, and storage. It measures 30" wide, 27" deep, and 47" tall.
This one is sold, but we are working on another one!
General Electric

This yellow Wedgewood Holly is from the late 1950's. It has 4 burners, an oven, broiler and storage. It measures 29" wide, 28" deep, 44" tall.
Crown Table Top Stove

This unique, nickel-plated, table-top stove is by Crown. It has 2 burners, and works with natural gas or propane.

Stoves shown on this website are representative of what we have in stock. We may not have these exact items in stock.

Please visit our showroom, or contact us to find out about our latest collection.

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