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We have vintage furniture of all kinds at Buckeye Appliance - dinettes, cabinets, chairs, and much more!
Below is just sampling of the kinds of furniture you will find in our showroom.

Click on below images for larger view.


Take a look at this small dinette! From the 1950s, it has 2 chairs,
and has been reupholstered in aqua and white.
The table is gray.

childs chairs

Child's play!
Take a look at these beautiful chairs,
the perfect size for your little one.
They are newly reupholstered in the original color
and re-chromed. (click on pic for a larger view)

Mess Officer Chair

This wooden Mess Officer's Chair is
something else you'll find in our
newly-expanded area. We have 2 of these chairs.

victrola victrola top

Victor Talking Machine!

This classic comes complete with
hand crank, extra needles, and an assortment of 78 RPM albums.

victrola open


How about this gem?
It's even more impressive in person!
It's from RCA Victor, 1962.

Maxfield Parrish

This is a beautiful 1917 picture by Maxfield Parrish


Green Teal Table Blue Table

This green/teal table set is a unique one,
with deco art legs. It has one leaf and 4 chairs.

This 50's era table has a blue crushed ice
top with one leaf. The chairs have been
reupholstered in gray crushed ice.

Yellow table Yellow Table-chairs

Check out this 1950's round black & yellow table!
It has 4 very unique, stylish chairs that have
been reupholstered in yellow crushed ice.

bedroom set

This 3-piece bedroom set is in great condition!
library catalog

Remember this? It's a Library catalog,
with 60 drawers.
It would be great for teachers or crafters!

red cart white cart
When's the last time you saw carts like these?
Not only do they look great anywhere, they are very handy to have around!

wood cabinet silouttes

Hoosier closed cabinet
furniture furniture
This Mission Oak desk has a pull-out writing table, with an ink well and pencil holder.



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