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These stoves have been sold, and are no longer in our showroom. However, our inventory is constantly changing as we continue to refurbish stoves. If you see a stove on this page you are interested in, give us a call or send us an e-mail. We may be able to find you one just like it!

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This O'Keefe & Merritt is from the 1950s. It has an oven, grillevator, shelf, fold-down cover, and salt & pepper shakers.
It measures 39" wide, 55" tall, 29" deep.


This is a Detroiter Stove from 1910! It features an oven, broiler, and storage drawer.
It measures 44" wide, 49" tall, 28" deep.


This Wedgewood is also from the 1950s. It features 6 burners, 2 ovens, 2 broilers, chrome top, salt & pepper shakers, and a light.
It measures 40# wide, 55" tall, 29" deep.


From the 1940s, this Wedgewood features an oven, broiler, storage, fold-down cover, and salt & pepper shakers.
It measures 39" wide, 52" tall, 29" deep.
General Electric

If you're in the market for an apartment-size stove, this is it! This 1950's Pan American stove has 4 burners, an oven and broiler. It measures just 20" wide, 28" deep, 43" tall.

You'll want to click on this photo to see the original ad, hanging on the wall. This 1930' Magic Chef has 4 burners with fold-down covers, oven, broiler, light, salt & pepper, flour, sugar shakers. It measures 46" wide, 31" deep, and 62" tall.

This Wedgewood is from the 1030's. It features 4 burners, oven, broiler, and storage. It measures 30" wide, 27" deep, and 47" tall.
White Stove

This 1949 Aristocrat by O'Keefe & Merritt features a double oven, 2 broilers, a warming oven, and 6 burners.

This 40" Wedgewood stove from the 1950's features double oven, double broiler, 4 burners, griddle, and salt & pepper shaker.

This O'Keefe & Merritt stove features 6 burners, a double oven and double broiler. The cover folds down to cover the burner, making a counter top. It also features a clock!

This 1950's white Wedgewood features a clock and timer, 4 burners, fold-down cover, oven, and a waist-high broiler. It measures 40" wide, 29" deep, and 53" tall.

This classic Wedgewood features 4 burners, oven, broiler, and storage compartment. It has has a chrome griddle and clock. It measures 36" wide, 27" deep, 47" tall.

This classic O'Keefe & Merritt, from the 1950's, features 4 burners, and oven, and a broiler. It measures 32" wide, 29" deep, 46" tall.

This Magic Chef, from the 1930's, sports the "American Stove Company" logo. In addition to a vent on top, there is a cover for the 4 burners. It has an oven and broiler. 40"wide, 25"deep, 48" tall.
This 40" Wedgewood stoves from the 1950's has double oven, double broiler, 4 burners, griddle, and salt & pepper shaker. It features unique blue knobs.

Small Wedgewood Stove

This red & white Wedgewood stove has 4 burners.

Wedgewood 2-burner

This 21" Wedgewood is a two-burner stove.
1030's Magic Chef

From the 1930's, this Magic Chef features 6 burners, a double oven, warming oven, storage drawer, and shelf. It is cream colored with black trim, and come with a custom vent hood. It measures 53" wide x 64" tall.
1050's Wedgewood

From the early 1950's, this Wedgewood has 4 burners and a griddle. It is 36" wide.
1935 Wedgewood

This 1935 white Wedgewood stove includes salt, pepper, sugar and flour shakers.  51" wide.
1930's Wedgewood


This Wedgewood, from the 1930's, has 6 burners, double oven, and a warming oven. It measures 51" wide, 28" deep, and 60" high.
Rare 1050's Wedgewood


This rare 1950's 30" Wedgewood features a chrome top, with 4 burners, oven, broiler, and storage. It is 30" wide, 27" deep, and 47" tall.
O'Keefe & Merritt original red

Original Red Color! This O'Keefe & Merritt stove from the 1950's has black knobs and handles. 39" wide

Clark Jewel


This unique stove is a Clark Jewel with 3 burners, and oven, and broiler. It measures 28" wide, 17" deep, and 55" tall.
1040's Buck Stove


This Bucks stove is from the 1940's. If features a griddle, with 4-burner stove, oven/broiler,and storage. Light, clock, and salt & pepper shakers included!
Custom Color Wedgewood


This is a Wedgewood, 4-burner, from the 1950's. It features a custom color, oven/broiler, storage and a light. 40"wide, 29" deep, 47" tall.
Wedgewood Stove with blue handles

This white Wedgewood features just a touch of blue on the handles. Circa 1935.
Aqua Stove

This Aqua Wedgewood from the early 60's is the perfect size for a smaller kitchen. 28" wide

From the 1920's, this small green Windsor stove has 4 burners and an oven. It is 24" wide, 26" deep, and 55" tall.
O'Keefe & Merritt

This 1950's O'Keefe & Merritt features a griddle, 4 burners, oven light, Grillevator, clock, and fold-down shelf. it is 40" wide, 28" deep, and 58" tall.
Gafferrs & Stattler

This rare 1950's 30" Wedgewood features a chrome top, with 4 burners, oven, broiler, and storage. It is 30" wide, 27" deep, and 47" tall.

From the 1920's, this unique Occidental stove is 50" wide, with 4 burners, and oven and a broiler.

This 1940's Wedgewood is 48" wide, with 4 burners and a griddle. It features a broiler, single oven, and plenty of storage.

This 6-burner, double-oven O'Keefe & Merritt has a fold-down shelf/cover, and double broiler. It's 41" wide, and has special features like a clock, light, salt & pepper shakers, and towel bars.
Three Burner

This unique 3-burner stove is 26" wide, and features a fold-down lid.
Western Holly

This 37-1/2" classic Western Holly is from the 1950's. It features 4 burners, griddle with cover, light, broiler, and side storage.
Gafferrs & Stattler

This cream and black Gaffers & Stattler is 39" wide. It features salt, pepper, sugar & flour shakers, 4 burners, a broiler, 2 storage drawers, lift-up lid, roasting guide, and clock. There is a light red accent on the knobs.
White Wedgewood Stove

Wedgewood stoves are very popular.

Very unique Pennsylvania Dutch stove from the early 1930's. Includes a bread box (click on picture for details)!
41" wide.
Blue Stove

This cobalt blue stove is an early 1950's O'Keefe & Merritt. We can re-chrome and re-porcelain in yellow, light or dark green, navy, and black.
Yellow Magic Chef Stove

This yellow Magic Chef is also unique. It is a German design.

This Reliable stove is from the early 1930's.  44" wide.
Wood and Gas Stove

This stove is very unique. It is a white Western Holly - both gas and wood!
White Magic Chef
1930s Magic Chef, 6 burners, 2 ovens, warming oven, broiler, storage drawer
Chrome-black Wedgewood stove

Black Wedgewood stove with lots of chrome detail.
Magic Chef Green Marble Stove

1930 Magic Chef. 4 Burners, oven, fold down burner cover, cream and green marbleized
Magic Chef Stove


This double-oven, green & yellow stove is a Magic Chef from the 1930's.
Florence Stove

This yellow and green Florence stove is from the early 30's. If has 4 burners, an oven, and a storage area.
1950s Stove

This is a popular 1950's style
2 Oven Stove

6 burner, 2 oven, chrome top stove with cover.
Pink Stove

Pale pink 1940's petite Superior apartment-size stove.
Wedgewood Stove

1930's Wedgewood stove - a high output range with a wide door for a residential look.

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